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Book Author

Casado-Frankel, T., Herrero, M.E. (2022) Early Relational Trauma and the Development of the Self: A Model of Therapeutic Accompaniment. Routledge. (link)

Casado Frankel, T., Herrero Sotillo, M.E. (2013) Las Lágrimas del Cambio: Trastorno del Vínculo, Acompañamiento Terepéutico y Revinculación. Triacastela. (link)

CP in Action Blog

Casado-Frankel, T. (2016) Child's Play: How Play Therapy Works. Contemporary Psychoanalysis in Action Blog. (link)

Other Collaborations

Recognized as a contributor: "Protecting Assets & Child Custody in the Face of Deportation: A Guide for Practitioners Assisting Immigrant Families" for Appelseed Network's Manual on navigating Deportation. (link)

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