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My Services
Free 15-20 Minute Phone Consultation

I offer a free 15-20 minute consultation, as part of the process of working together, or as a means to refer you to a colleague or clinic that may better fit your needs.

Individual Child/Adolescent Psychotherapy

As a child therapist, I work to help young children find avenues to express their feelings, ultimately reducing their overall tension. Facilitating emotional growth frequently leads to improvement in other areas of the child's life. This kind of work might take place through play therapy, or talk therapy, or a mix of both, according to each child's specific developmental and emotional needs.

When I work with older children and/or teenagers, the process may be different. It may be more focused on helping the individual articulate their experiences verbally, as I pay attention to what might be unfolding in treatment. This can lead to greater self-awareness, and a reduction in overall anxiety and/or depression, as well as improvements in self-esteem.

Individual Adult Psychotherapy

I offer individual adult psychotherapeutic treatment at a minimum of once a week. Sessions are 45 minutes long. Should you be interested in more intensive treatment to gain a deeper understanding of why you might be stuck in recurrent patterns or cycles, more frequent meetings are offered. 

Couple and/or Family Therapy

Problematic communicational dynamics tend to be rooted in feelings that go unheard by partners. Treatment as a couple can help rekindle a sense of intimacy and connection helping the relationship thrive. 

Family therapy can be a way to explore -and resolve- difficulties that may have been recurrent and challenging. When a family works together, it can also heal together.

Clinical Supervision

I offer individual supervision and clinical case consultations for fully licensed clinicians who are interested in improving their work and deepening their understanding of psychodynamic and systemic forces at play, in their work with children, adults, couple's and families.


I bring a broad and open perspective to the work, infused with my experience supervising therapists who see diverse patients in both private practice and in public mental health clinics across New York City. 

I have also run supervisory groups for psychotherapists, and I am open to creating one for groups that express interest.

Consultation for Agencies focused on Child Welfare or Child Mental Health

I have run process groups and reflective groups in non-clinical settings, with the aim of understanding staff dissatisfaction and/or conflict, often reducing attrition and increasing team cohesiveness in agencies whose mission is to help children. 

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